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 YESS management owns all of its operation vehicles making it easier for drivers to make a good living, the drivers aren’t responsible for repairs or maintenance
Fully trained and licensed truck mechanics and fully equipped repair shop capable of handling all large and small repairs
Our Repair bays have advanced computer diagnostic capabilities
We provide all kind of transportation services—containers ( import and export), dry vans, walking floor compactor trailers, flat beds, end dumps.

Licensed Mechanics

We can do our own repairs
We have fully licensed and experience mechanics on staff and available in our full trailer and truck repair shop
There is no down time as we have no need to send it out

Our Service Van

In case of on road break down our service van can get shipments moving
Our same fully licensed mechanics that operate in shop will come to the truck to get it moving.
you will get your stuff on time, breakdowns won’t slow us down

Our Shunt Trucks

7 Shunt trucks making it easier to manoeuvre in the yard for faster operation


We work as a single team to provide all transportation solutions with in Ontario and give our clients the highest quality of service and advice possible.